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My history with the Model United Nations of Alaska has been a most eventful experience. My first year I was a representative for Iraq. Being new to the process I was a bit timid, and had to somewhat relearn legislative processes. I was also very new to the Political Science field. I can without a doubt say MUN AK solidyfied my interest in the field, in regards to international relations. I then began to pursue a degree in the field.

The second year of the MUN AK I was again a delegate, this time representing Israel. I was placed in the Committee for Traditional Medicine. My resolution involved the use of bees in a sterel environment to produce all natural pharmecuticals based off of honey. The resolution passed committee, and also made it to the General assembly of the MUN AK Conference. I also attest to the resolution, and my invovement representing Israel in the committee afforded myself being rewarded "Best Delegate for the Committee of Traditional Medicine."

My third year participating with the MUN AK, had me wanting to try other aspects on the experience. Thus I chose to represent a Non Governmental Organization. I had very little experience with the roles of NGO's, but wanted to learn more. I chose Green Cross International to represent, and thouroughly engulfed myself into the part. I also wrote a resolution, for the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency. Since my resolution involved the nuclear power plant in Fukushima Japan that had recently been severly damaged, and was also a international concern, on an ecological nature.

Representing GCI was the best experience I could imagine. Getting involved, and researching topics of interest, then representing the NGO in the conference gives one a sense of achievement.

Now as Director of NGO's for the MUN AK 2016, "Youth, Live Long and Prosper" topic, I hope to make a difference on the international level in regards to protecting the rights of children around the world. I hope to share my experience to those I mentor, in order to make their experience of the MUN AK 2016, most enjoyable, but most importantly memoriable. I look forward to again participating in the MUN AK, and look forward to seeing others, emerse themselves into their roles.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.